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Questions and Answers

What is Fractional Ownership?
Fractional ownership is a practical way of owning a fully furnished and maintained vacation home for only the fraction you can use it.  Unlike timeshares or vacation clubs, fractional owners actually own their property, since they receive a warranty deed and title insurance, and have a vested interest in the land and the home, allowing them all the benefits of real-estate ownership.  Fractional ownership gives you the flexibility you demand.  As an owner, you can guarantee yourselves certain weeks every year in Northern Michigan.  Or use your weeks at 2,400 other locations around the country and around the world at virtually any time you choose through Interval International®.  To view all the locations available, click the Interval International link below.

As a fractional owner, do we have to clean or maintain our vacation home?
Absolutely not!  As a fractional owner, housekeeping and maintenance are done for you, no matter where you decide to take your vacation.  Hassle-free vacations are one of the reasons why some owners own one fourth (1/4) of the home, which amounts to 12 weeks.

How does your fractional ownership differ from other fractional ownership plans?
Our owners like the control of they have over their property.  Unlike most other plans, a majority of owners can replace the management company.

Plus, our owners like the fact that they can start with as little as 1/24 (two weeks per year), and the weeks are tailored to suit their needs, not the developer's.  Since you own what you can use, you don't have to look for new or extra dollars to make this investment.  You can do it with the same dollars you're spending now on vacations.
Furthermore, when you're ready, we offer the option of trading-in your fraction for a larger fraction or a fully owned vacation home.

We're presently renting or staying in hotels when we go on vacation, why is fractional ownership better than what we're doing now?
Fractional ownership not only guarantees you first-class accommodations in vacation homes or condos around the world, it also turns the same dollars you're spending on hotels or rentals into an investment that you can enjoy the benefits of each year, and that results in your owning real property that stays in your family for generations.
Take a look at the following chart showing the dollars you're spending on vacation accommodations now.  The chart is based on only two weeks of vacations per year at a 4% inflation rate.  Find the average daily rate you're presently spending and follow the chart across to see how much you will spend over the years:

Daily Rate In 10 Years In 20 Years In 30 Years In 40 Years
$50 $8,404 $20,846 $39,260 $66,518
$70 $11,765 $29,183 $51,908 $88,602
$90 $15,126 $37,519 $70,665 $119,731
$120 $20,170 $50,026 $94,221 $159,640
$150 $25,212 $62,533 $118,776 $199,550
$200 $33,618 $83,379 $157,037 $266,071
$250 $42,022 $104,224 $196,298 $322,589

It's a lot of money isn't it?  How much more is it going to cost you to go on vacations, when you retire? Why spend money on a room or rentals when you can save money and enjoy better vacations anywhere in the world you want to go?

How can we get more information?
Click here or call (800) 727-3767.

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